About us

Since its foundation in 2013 the DE INE - Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH follows successfully the main goal to make our customers stronger in the areas of 
  • Organization
  • Strategy
  • Management.

This will be achieved always again, because we have in our company and in our network all the experts in engineering, production and human resource management. These experts have a lot of experience in the conduction of transformation processes, optimization of products and processes and with the development of innovations.
As experienced implementers we consult our clients with a deep analysis and help them with the ranking of priorities for implementation. We concentrate on the methods of value analysis, which eventually can lead to either a cleaning up or an enhancement of our client’s product portfolio. We have repeatedly shown and implemented savings on product or process costs by at least 20%!

We offer

- Our effort is your benefit! -

Interim Management

Interim Management

We offer competent experience in the management of companies, subsidiaries, departments... 
Value engineering

Value engineering

...we are analyzing your products and we introduce a cost based calculation structure...


We will help you with the set up of subsidiaries in Eastern – Europe or Asia...
Engineering service

Engineering service

We support you when you are in the need of timely limited engineering resources...

Project Examples

We are not consultants, we are implementers.

Examples of our successful projects:

  • Restructuring of the engineering organization for a producer of power charging solutions and energy storage systems

  • Realization of products for the stationary storage of solar power with Li-Ion-batteries for residential and commercial/industrial needs

  • Creation of a funding for an electromobility concept at regional level

  • Set up of a new organizational structure to support electromobility solutions for a big classical automotive supplier

  • Realization of an embedded wallbox as charging solution for electrical vehicles

  • Consultation of automotive suppliers and manufacturers with the selection of environmental sensors and control units for ADAS (advanced driver assist systems) and autonomous or automated driving

  • Conduction of market analysis and reports as basis for strategical decisions at our customers

  • Optimization of a machine for reverse vending of cans and PET bottles for an international manufacturer of reverse vending machines

  • Interim responsibility as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and definition of new and modular product concepts with substantial cost savings

  • Take over of purchasing and supplier selection for the improvement of product quality and minimization of product costs


DE INE - Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH connects experienced engineers, but also managers and economists and makes use of its network of cooperation companies.

We work closely together with renown engineering service providers. As addendum in case of a restructuring need under protection in the event of insolvency addition we can rely on our partner; KR Management UG in Berlin:

We work together with renown personnel service providers In the area of personnel management and for the recruitment of necessary resources or key personnel.

We can also recommend the team of Growth River UG,, the so called “UnternehmensBeatmer”.

Talk to us! We look forward to work for you!

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