Tuesday, 19 June 2018 14:18

4th German (European) – Chinese SME conference (Jienyang, June 11-13, 2018) with following delegation tour to Guangzhou/Huadu and Nansha

The 4th China-Germany (Europe) SME Conference in Jienyang/Guandong The 4th China-Germany (Europe) SME Conference in Jienyang/Guandong

With invitation by the Zhongde Metal Group Dr. Zientz participated first time to the 4th German-Chinese SME conference in Jienyang/Guangdong. During this conference a visit of the metal eco city in Jienyang could be joined as well as talks with local entrepreneurs.
Afterwards he was for 2 days in Guangzhou. Due to its rapid growth, especially in the industry branches of advanced manufacturing technologies for automotive, marine and heavy machinery equipment, this city plays an important role in national and international trade relationships. Prior to the travel was to connect to local Chinese companies. The participants of the travel visited the Auto-City Huadu with the future industrial park 2025 and the city of the future in the district Nansha with impressive perspectives and the port.

Visits to several automotive suppliers and a factory tour at GAC-Toyota facilities have rounded the program.


Presentation of the future industrial park 2025 in Huadu City.

Visit at a global automotive supplier in Guangzhou


The delegation together with the city government of Guangzhou/Nansha


Meeting at the German Chamber of Commerce in Guangzhou