Monday, 21 May 2018 16:59

Project for Envipco Corporation has been successfully finished in March 2018

With the transition of the production from Westerkappeln, Gartenkamp 210, to the new address and the new factory building in Gartenkamp 120 the project support to Envipco during 2017 and beginning 2018 has been finished successfully.

The assignment for the contribution of Dr. Wolfgang Zientz, the managing director of DEINE-Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH, has been to support the optimization of the Quantum Outdoor and Quantum Indoor machines.

As is shown on the pictures the Quantum machine can be used to take beverage containers (aluminum cans, PET bottles) in a complete unsorted manner. Most customers – as seen in Sweden – are coming with big plastic bags filled with containers. These will be emptied by throwing the content into the infeed tray. The process is therefore also called bulk feed recycling.

The intelligence of the machine and all the mechatronic systems inside do the sorting and finally the aluminum cans and the PET bottles will be compacted and fed into big containers in the back of the machine which will be moved by special trucks for material recycling purpose

The pictures show the process as installed today in Sweden. Hopefully soon this can be watched also in Germany.