Friday, 07 September 2018 08:47

Visitors from China at DEINE-Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH in Heuchelheim/Gießen

Dr. Zientz welcomes on August, 27,2018 a delegation from China. Delegates from the Chinese affiliation of the CertEuropA Certification & Inspection Co. Ltd., one delegate of CIL Testing&Certification and 2 representatives from EWIN Intelligent Manufacturing Design and Research Institut in Bejing und Shanghai have visited the offices of DEINE-Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH in Heuchelheim/Gießen.
The objective of the visit was the information exchange regarding industry 4.0 and automated/autonomous driving.

The visitors from China were especially interested in the offer from DEINE GmbH to conduct a training/seminar to automated/autonomous driving in China for Chinese companies. Herr Dr. Zientz introduced with a short presentation the potential agenda of such an event. Mr. Huang Cunzhang, General Manager of CertEuropA in Shanghai and initiator of the visit, would like to offer such a seminar during the year 2019 in the region of Shanghai. Additional talks with the representatives from VDA in China will follow.